Cat Hellshire

Catherine Hellshire is an American dancer from New York City. Nicknamed Cat, she was raised by her father after her mother passed shortly after Cat was born. With her father involved in the performing arts, Cat became involved as well, mostly with ballet and modern dance. As Cat got older, she discovered her ability to create powerful impacts with her hips, a talent that runs in the female side of her family and in great use when defending herself. Cat is a fan of pro wrestling, as she uses pro wrestling moves in her repertoire of attacks which includes very powerful and swift hip attacks known as the Hell Hip Whip and Hell Hip Cannon. Cat is a quick learner and isn't afraid of getting into fights when it comes to standing up for her friends. But has very impulsive tendencies that often gets her into trouble. Cat also enjoys traveling the world with her friends with her favorite destination being Japan. While traveling throughout China, her traveling partner, fellow dancer Henry Tian, became very sick with what seemed to be an incurable illness. It was during their stop at Guilin that Henry told her about Rao Singha and the Everlasting Shenjiu. Little did she know that her meeting with Rao and challenging him to win a gourd of the Everlasting Shenjiu will change the trajectory of her life forever.