Henry  Tian

Henry Tian is a dancer who was born in Yishu Village in Guilin, China but is raised in New York City. Henry is a very talented dancer who has a lot of female admirers during his time in New York University. However, he had his eye on Cat Hellshire and formed a friendship with her when she needed help with her dance routines for her classes. Henry mostly acts jokingly and sarcastically around Cat and is always willing to help her whenever she needed anything. After graduating from NYU, Henry invites Cat to take a trip with him throughout China to see the performing arts in the country. Henry's goal is to join a prestigious touring dance company and become a world famous dancer. During a stop to Wuhan, Henry confronted a bunch of ruffians harassing Cat and ended up breaking his hand after punching one of them. He also ended up sick with a strange illness endangering his health. When Henry and Cat visited Yishu, Henry witnessed villagers reasoning a sick erhu player to not perform but the player stubbornly refused. A moment later, the erhu player was playing happily in front of the crowd, no longer sick. Curious on what just happened, Henry spoke with the villagers and they explained that it was the work of Rao Singha and the Everlasting Shenjiu and he was told stories about the legendary figure and his wine. Henry tells Cat about Rao and the divine wine at their hotel room and inadvertently influences a concerned Cat to challenge Rao on her own to win a gourd of the Everlasting Shenjiu.