Rao Singha

Rao Singha ( 拉奥·辛哈) is a mysterious world traveling magician skilled in the martial arts who holds the legendary Chinese wine, The Everlasting Shenjiu. In his stop to Yishu Village, a village famous for its performing arts in Guilin, China, Rao was impressed with beautiful Chinese dancer Fenghua Jian at a festival and was befriended by her while others in the village shunned him due to him being an outsider. When hearing about Fenghua’s illness, Rao was determined to find a cure and knowing about the legend of the Everlasting Shenjiu, he used his ability to connect with the celestial world to meet the Eight Immortals at Mount Penglai. Rao was given the opportunity and ultimately earning the Everlasting Shenjiu by passing the trials given by the Eight Immortals. The exploit made Rao a legend throughout the village and became well known throughout China. Always loving a challenge, Rao made it known that whoever beats him in a contest can win a gourd of the Everlasting Shenjiu. Rao has received many challenges from various people, most of them fighters, only for them to fail in defeating him. Drinking the Shenjiu has amplified Rao's fighting skills creating a powerful signature attack known as the Singha Fist. Rao uses a variety of fighting styles such as Wing Chun, Boxing, Muay Thai, Baji Quan, Drunken Fist and many more, making him a very dangerous, well rounded combatant. Rao is fond of the arts and often gets involved in the performing arts. It is for this reason that Rao has made his residence in Yishu performing for and with the villagers and living comfortably nearby his ginkgo tree and the Lijiang River. Fenghua, who grew devoted to Rao after saving her life, often visits to drink and dance with him. Rao's meeting with the American dancer Cat Hellshire will trigger events that will involve the Everlasting Shenjiu.