Spider Fist Gang

The Spider Fist gang are a villainous martial arts gang based in Zhizhu Village in Guilin, China. They are involved in various illegal activities, such as robbery and murder, and kill whoever gets in their way. They rely on strength in numbers and have abilities to crawl like an actual spider to confuse and repulse their opponents. Though seven members are introduced in Scene 2 of Everlasting Shenjiu, only three of them are focused upon, including its leader, Spider Fist Zhu.


Spider Fist Zhu

Spider Fist Zhu is the leader of the Spider Fist Gang. Zhu is arrogant, rude, and vile but also a fierce fighter who is a master of the Spider Fist style and deals in poison using his signature poison needle attacks. After knowing about the Everlasting Shenjiu, Zhu became skeptical about the existence of such a wine. But when Zhu heard that Rao Singha owns it and that he is challenging anyone who can beat him for a gourd of the divine wine, Zhu became very curious and over confident that he can beat Rao and win the wine. Zhu gathers his gang and travels to Rao's residence to see if the legendary wine is true.

Spider Fist Chow

Spider Fist Chow is Spider Fist Zhu's right-hand man. Chow is short and stocky but ruthless as Zhu. Chow is the one who informs Zhu about the Everlasting Shenjiu hoping to get very rich from the wine's value. 


Spider Fist Yuen

Spider Fist Yuen is a member of the Spider Fist Gang. Yuen is a big and strong enforcer but not very bright.