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Action, drama, adventure, fantasy, & an endless amount of wine! Everlasting Shenjiu is an indie action adventure audio drama series about the wild battles over a legendary Chinese wine that cures anything. The series is created by Bryan Figueroa and is currently playing on YouTube and Spotify.

The meaning of Shenjiu translates to "divine wine" -  Divine (shén 神) Wine (jiǔ 酒)


The Everlasting Shenjiu…A legendary wine that can cure any illness with an unlimited amount that will last forever.

This wine is created by the Eight Immortals, a group of Taoist gods well known and beloved in Chinese folklore. For centuries, The Everlasting Shenjiu was owned by the Eight Immortals. That is until wandering magician Rao Singha sought out the Everlasting Shenjiu at the Eight Immortals's home base, Mount Penglai, to cure Chinese dancer Fenghua Jian of her illness that has been crippling her health. Rao challenges the Immortals and ultimately passed their trials to win and gain ownership of the Everlasting Shenjiu.

The tale of Rao winning the Everlasting Shenjiu has spread across Fenghua's home, Yishu Village, and his legend slowly spread throughout China. Seeking out challenges, Rao has issued a challenge to anyone who can beat him in a contest and if they win, they will receive a gourd of the Everlasting Shenjiu.

Many have challenged Rao and many have failed to defeat him. But a young woman from the United States seeks out the Everlasting Shenjiu to cure her friend suffering from a mysterious illness.


Her name is Cat Hellshire.


On November 19, 2019, Cat challenges Rao in Guilin, China to win a gourd of the Everlasting Shenjiu. It was on this day that the tale of the everlasting wine that can cure the world begins…  

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