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The episodes are referred to as "Scenes" to coincide with the Performing Arts/Theatrical world in Everlasting Shenjiu.

This is a work of Fiction. Characters, stories, and incidents are the products of the creator's imagination, Any similarities to any person(s) is purely coincidental.

*Contains sounds of alcohol use, profanity, and violence*

The Prologue Saga


In order to save her sick friend suffering from a mysterious, incurable illness, American dancer Catherine "Cat" Hellshire visits a legendary but eccentric martial artist named Rao Singha who holds the Everlasting Shenjiu, a legendary Chinese wine with an endless amount that can cure any illness. However, Cat must challenge and defeat Rao in order to earn a gourd of the divine wine. Can Cat win? A battle ensues in Guilin, China on November 19th, 2019, as the tale of the everlasting wine that can cure the world begins!


After her fight with Rao Singha, Cat Hellshire wakes up in Rao’s home and discovers that Rao is away. Cat instead meets Fenghua Jian, a beautiful Chinese dancer from Yishu Village who is a close friend and student of Rao. Cat also ends up confronting the Spider Fist Gang, a notorious martial arts gang led by its leader, Spider Fist Zhu, who is looking to challenge Rao and take the Everlasting Shenjiu from him. When Cat and Fenghua pick a fight against the Spider Fist Gang, all hell breaks loose. Can Cat and Fenghua survive the onslaught of the Spider Fist Gang?


Rao Singha gives Cat Hellshire another opportunity to win a gourd of the Everlasting Shenjiu after Cat helped Fenghua Jian defeat the Spider Fist Gang. However, rather than another fight between the two, Rao decides that Cat will compete with him in a game of Shenjiu Style Shoushiling, a drinking game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. As unexpected events occur during the game, hidden danger looms nearby... 

The tale moves on... to Hong Kong!

The Hong Kong Saga now begins!