Voice Acting



(Also as Spider Fist Zhu, Chow, Yuen, and other additional voices)

Bryan Figueroa is a stage, film, and voice actor based in Buffalo, New York and is the creator of Everlasting Shenjiu. An actor of Puerto Rican descent, Bryan is born and raised in Buffalo where he studied acting at Buffalo State College and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre. After graduating, he went on to perform for various professional theatre companies in Buffalo, involved with film and on camera acting, and earned a couple of awards along the way at the Artie Awards, Buffalo's equivalent to the Tony Awards. These awards would include an Outstanding Debut Award and Outstanding Ensemble of a Play as part of Subversive Theatre's production of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest (Williams). With the theatre industry shutdown due to the pandemic in 2020, Bryan turned to voice acting to fuel his passion for acting as voice acting allows him to work remotely. Influenced by the pandemic and playing with the idea of creating a story about a wine that can cure anything, Bryan began creating the story of Everlasting Shenjiu using a combination of all his interests and ideas that includes the influence of the video game franchise Shenmue. Not only does Bryan perform as eccentric martial artist Rao Singha (and a variety of other characters) in Everlasting Shenjiu, but also serves as writer, producer, editor, and director. Everlasting Shenjiu is his first project in the world of voice acting.


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CARALINE SWEET (Catherine "Cat" Hellshire)


Caraline Sweet is an actress, voice over artist and creator currently living and working out of New York. She is a passionate voice actress who loves to bring characters to life in audio-dramas, animation, gaming and more. Sweet is so excited and honored to be playing Cat Hellshire in Everlasting Shenjiu! Sweet also enjoys Japanese language and culture, Halloween and spooky culture, astrology, gaming and RPGs, singing and traveling.

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CHELLY LI (Fenghua Jian)

Chelly Li is a bilingual voice actress based out of Toronto, Canada. She has an engaging and versatile voice that has brought many characters to life in animation, video games, dubs, and commercials. Chelly originally comes from a dance background, having trained in both ballet and Chinese classical dance. She draws upon those years of performance and storytelling experience to enhance her voiceover work. Outside of the booth, you can find her stalking the city’s foodie scene, blasting show tunes on long scenic drives, and putting Sriracha on foods it probably doesn’t belong on.

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(Also as Henry Tian)


Saito Kabuyama is a voice actor and content creator with a commitment to both efficiency and quality. Voicing in multiple projects including The Waystation and Dragnarok, he is well-versed and flexible in his ability to bring characters to life.

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Richard Cartlidge is a composer from Sheffield, UK. Richard began piano lessons at 6 years old when his parents sought an instructor in order for him to have a hobby outside of school. As a composer himself, his piano tutor proved to be an inspiration as an early role model for Richard and continued to teach him until he passed the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) exams. At 15, Richard began experimenting with writing his own music, playing in bands and later attending university to pursue his passion further. The music of the Shenmue video games had defined a huge part of his childhood. After playing them again, he remembered partly what he loved about them in the first place which was the music. Since then, Richard has been inspired to write music of a similar style to that of Shenmue and have collaborated with other like minded fans on Shenmue related projects, going so far as to even visit Dobuita, Japan in 2015. Richard's music can be defined as instrumental video game music, though he borrowed from many musical influences ranging from film music to Traditional Japanese and Chinese music. Richard has released 3 Shenmue inspired albums: Serenity, Ukiyo, and Saisei. Some of the pieces in those albums are featured in Everlasting Shenjiu. Whilst collaborating with Bryan Figueroa on Everlasting Shenjiu, Richard has also recently been working on another collaboration ‘The Dragon and Phoenix collection’ re-creating music from the first two Shenmue games. 

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